JMMS Vol 63, Issue 1-2

Accepted For Publication
S.No Author Name Title Of The Paper Paper ID
Jagannath Pal, Y. Rajshekar, Sanjay Kuamar, T. Venugopalan
Development of carbon composite iron ore slime briquettes for
using in ironmaking
S. Chakravarty, K. Kumari, S. Chakladar, V.K. Saxena, M. Sharma
Study of Sulfur Speciation in New Zealand Coal by Density
Gradient Separation
Kavita G, Kumar P.S, Ravi B. P
Bond's work indices variation due to variation of circulating load,
feed size, product size, reduction ratio and media shape
Harinarayan Sharma, Ankit Sahav, Sonam Kumari, Aniket K. Dutt
Prediction of surface roughness for CNC turning of AISI 1030 steel:
A machine learning approach
Sanjay Prasad, Manoj Kumar
Simultaneous leaching of zinc sulphide concentrate and manganese ore in sulphuric acid
Sunil Luthar, Rajeev Gupta, Divesh N.Srivastava
Tunable hetero junction using conducting polymer Photovoltaic Application
Palash Poddar, Sonika, A.P Murugesan, Devdas Roy
Effect of aging on hardness and tensile properties of advanced
Mg-Sn based alloys
C P Paul, S.Yadav, A.K.Rai, Jinoop A.N, K.S Bindra
Laser Directed Energy Deposition based additive manufacturing of
metallic multi-material: A Review