Recent advances in photodetection applications of two dimensional MoS2 nanostructures

Publication Date : 08/11/2021

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Volume/Issue :
Volume : Volume 1
Issue : Issue 3
Month : (11 - 2021)
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Two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) with unique properties have received a oreat attention of scientific community in recent years. Among the TMDs established as an intriguing building block for the next generation optoclectronifcasm, isluyc, hM aso Sp, hohtaosdebteeecntoarslr. eTadhye optoelectronic device performance of TMDs are known to be layer dependent. The MoS, shows excellent light absorption and is found stable in natural environment, which make it suitable for optoelectronic devices. In the present review article, we discuss different synthesis processes for 2D-MoS, and have summarized few important studies on the photodetection application of different morphologies of Mos, nanostructures. Here, we discuss the different MoS, based photodetectors comprising of p-n junction photodiode and the metal-semiconductor-metal (MSM) junction.

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