Spectroscopic Changes in conventional magnetorheological fluid and graphene oxide Spectroscopic agnetorheological fluid with combustion method

Publication Date : 08/11/2021

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Volume/Issue :
Volume : Volume 1
Issue : Issue 3
Month : (11 - 2021)
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A comparative: sed Magnetorheological shit d G-band of Graphene Oxide observed at 1576.42 cm" due to the doubly degenerate zone center E2g and 2D band at 2702.58 cm" confirms the presence of Graphene Oxide. UV - VIS Absorption spectrum spectroscopic analysis of conventional Magnetorheological fAluid and Graphene Oxide fluid. Raman spectra have been recorded using 532 nm laser excitation. The down o ased MR fAuid has been recorded of T-t plasmon peak at 233.82 cm' while a broad band is displayed in ventional Magnetorhe mbustion method of separating Graphene layers by controlled oxidation. This analysis shows highly efficient, rheological fluid. Here, Graphene Oxide used in Magnetorheological fluid is prepared by ineauivocal, non-destructive identification of Graphene Oxide in Magnetorheological fluid.

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