Synthesis of fully interconnected multiporous hydroxyapatite block for orthopedic application

Publication Date : 03/11/2021

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Volume/Issue :
Volume : Volume 1
Issue : Issue 3
Month : (11 - 2021)
Abstract :

n the present work, three dimensional multiporous hydroxyapatite block has been synthesized bya novel process which comprises of two steps. At first, three dimensional polymer-hydroxyapatite nanocomnposite was synthesized by mimicking matrix mediated in situ biomineralization process. Second is sintering step where synthesized polymer-hydroxyapatite composite was sintered at 1200°C under atmospheric pressure. After sintering, a structurally stable fully interconnected multiporous hydroxyapatite block was obtained. Detailed structural and chemical characterization revealed the role of polymer matrix in the formation of three dimensional multiporous hydroxyapatite block. Cytocompatibility of sintered hydroxyapatite block was evaluated by MTT assay and cell adhesion test. Results evidenced the non-toxic nature of sintered hydroxyapatite block.

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