Techniques for investigation: Semiconductor/electrolyte interface processes in photoelectrochemical cell for solar water splitting

Publication Date : 30/06/2020

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Volume/Issue :
Volume : Volume 62
Issue : Issue 1
Month : (06 - 2020)
Abstract :

Photoelectrochemical water splitting process for solar hydrogen production has attained great consideration due to acceptance of hydrogen as a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy carrier. The key functional components of a PEC cell are the semiconductor electrode and semiconductor-electrolyte interfacial junction. The semiconductor-electrolyte interface, the other crucial functional unit of PEC cell is rarely investigated. The nature of the charge carrier’s movement at the semiconductor/electrolyte interface is fundamental for the optimization of semiconductor electrode performance for efficient hydrogen generation. To understand the above processes at the interface, various techniques are being used to investigate the electrochemical reactions and photocatalytic response of a stable photoelectrode. In this review, the charge transfer kinetics and various methods used to investigate the e-/h+ transfer processes at the semiconductor/electrolyte interface are reviewed and discussed.

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